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A Trek to Discovery, Taking Chances, and Makabukag Falls


“Immortality! Take it, it’s yours”

These were the lines of Achilles (played by Brad Pitt) in the movie Troy (2004)…and these can perfectly describe a certain trekking experience a friend had when he came here in Sorsogon.

Sorsogon is indeed one of the best provinces for eco tourism. While there are indeed places here which have already been noted by the Department of Tourism, there are still others waiting to be discovered – if not, named. One of these is the recently “named” Makabukag falls.

The name came about after a friend and former officemate, Mark, went trekking with my dad two weeks ago. The original plan my dad had was to take him (and whoever he was coming with) on a four hour trek to a falls here in Brgy. Macabog. However, after arriving at 3pm in Sorsogon from Legazpi, they only did a one-hour trek where they stopped at a smaller falls.

Although it wasn’t the original destination, Mark (without a doubt after seeing the pictures my dad took), enjoyed it and promised to return with friends. He even aimed to take that four-hour trek to the larger falls next time.  Other than planning to come back, he even named the smaller falls Makabukag after some of the locals said they don’t have any name for it. Surely some might say he should have researched further regarding its name; but thinking back on the years we have stayed in this barangay, and even the many times our old alma matter did hiking activities in that area, no one has even mentioned the name of these two falls.

Whether or not they had names before Makabukag, I have to admit that what Mark did was a far better feat than getting there.

It’s all about claiming greatness

It may not have been our idea of immortality, but the fact that Mark had named the falls says a lot of what we should be doing: expanding our comfort zone and claiming success.

Success is for everybody and not just for some. It may be defined in many ways but it was always for everyone’s benefit. In the movie Troy, Achilles said those lines before his men marched into battle. Now, whether you’ve read the story of Troy, or have seen the movie, we all know that the Greeks (where Achilles was teamed with) won. Of course it wasn’t after that battle…but was after many tries, especially an unusual idea–the Trojan horse.

If we are to evaluate life and how we can attain happiness and abundance, we can say that it can be ours if we decide on taking it. What holds us back is fear. Even with that want to go forward, the unknown future makes us unable to take the risk. Another contributing factor to fear is what others will say if ever we fail.

Fear makes us cripple – more than a person who crawls to get around.

But not being able to decide and take a chance to move forward makes us more than dead:

We are unable to learn anything making us unable to grow.

When Mark came that afternoon, my dad was planning on moving the trek to next day. 3pm was already late if they were to walk four-hour to the falls. But Mark was decided and determined, even if it’s just to familiarize himself with the way. At the end of the day, and even if they came back in a hurry, the trip was worth it. They may not have made it to the bigger falls but getting to the smaller one was an accomplishment…not to mention naming it after his own Facebook name, Tag A Bukag. And if in case it was already named before, then at least the pictures they took led to many discovering another place for adventure.

Here are the pictures from their trek 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Trek to Discovery, Taking Chances, and Makabukag Falls

  1. WOW! They are so adventurous. I really want to go to that place… really nice scenery but knowing that I have to trek, waah I’m too clumsy for that…

    1. well you can always opt in for the beach 🙂 Sorsogon has plenty of white sand beaches… Subic Matnog is one and there’s also Paguriran island which is in Bacon.. 🙂

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