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Practicing Patience and Resourcefulness In the Midst of Net Loss and Electric Problems

The idea behind this whole blog was to inspire and motivate and share wonderful memories and realizations; so trust me when I say I debated with myself on whether to share this post or not. Firstly there’s the fact that you (my dear reader) might find our electric condition here in Sorsogon frustrating, and secondly you might think this whole article is not even motivating (that is if you’re one those readers who doesn’t even read the whole post). But, as you can see, that “I-should-post-this-article” side of me won and as I write this I am concentrating more on the “MOTIVATING” word…

This post is dedicated to every blogger, freelancer, home-base online worker all over the world especially those who have the same problems as I do with work.

The issue at hand

As a person with disability, this job fits me well. I did have the privilege of working in an office before, even teach in college, but let’s admit this doesn’t make me spend much on fares or gas, saves me time to prepare for work, and makes me worry less on absences since I can still work at home. But as much as this is a great job, it also has its downsides…

I am not talking about having a difficult client or meeting deadlines. I’m talking about low net connection and (I guess you already have an idea from my introduction) power interruptions.

Low net connection has somewhat given me the opportunity to really push my resourcefulness. I would like to acknowledge my friends Ishaan, Zandy, and Chris of course for the idea and patience and the resource that helped me handle this. It’s with this problem that I learned to do my researches on time and never waste a single moment of learning. Absorb as much as I could and ask whenever there are areas that confuses me. And once I can’t research much when net connection is very slow, that’s the time I write, write, or read more the research I’ve gathered. It’s always about continuously learning and loving learning…

Power interruption is one of the most frustrating problems I have encountered. I appreciate, of course, every advance announcements. I get to inform my team mates in this matter. But what really pushes my patience to the limits is whenever electricity would fluctuate. Of course this doesn’t go on the whole day; but even if it’s just for a short period of time, the fact that it happens suddenly really worries me since I work using a computer and an internet connection. But of course in every disadvantage always comes an advantage. It’s here that I learned to sit back and relax for a moment before proceeding with work. Never underestimate the trouble a fluctuating current can cost your appliances. It’s better to unplug the computer and internet connection rather than risk its condition. I can make up for lost time by resting now and working later, compared to buying a new computer out of the blue (if it gets damaged).

Accepting the Challenge and Learning More

Once it comes to the problems of being an online worker, you get to see how challenging it. It’s all about juggling your time, your resources, and effort more compared to working in an office. While some online gigs can be accomplished any time of the day, there are those you really need to stay online for a certain period of time (and I’ll share this in my next article). Either way, when it comes to power interruption and net connection problems, you need to further stretch efficiency. Remember you can still stick to the plan; but staying committed is also about learning to make adjustments when some uncontrollable situation happens.


2 thoughts on “Practicing Patience and Resourcefulness In the Midst of Net Loss and Electric Problems

  1. I so can relate. Here in Zamboanga City, we also experienced long black-outs for about a year or two. I was a student then and it was so hard especially when we have difficult paper works.Indeed being resourceful is a must. 🙂

    1. Gosh… honestly it’s as if they’re making it a hobby… haha

      anyway hopefully in the near future solar panels will be cheaper… hehe (cross-fingers — really wishing) *wink*

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