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Theory and Practice

Theory and Practice

There’s a big difference between getting an education and really being educated; and most of the time we forgot this fact.

Getting an education is being able to go to school. Having that privilege to attend classes, take up a course, enhance your knowledge about the world. For many of us, gaining this is an advantage in the professional arena. You have a specialization, you have a diploma, and you have the chance to end up with a good paying job.

But while education is indeed important, there are (sadly) some who turned away from what this opportunity is all about.

For an undergrad, being able to have this opportunity is all about becoming more “confident” in getting a good job. They are focused at getting the diploma instead of what they need to learn while they’re studying.

For a graduate it is being able to get a high position — since this shows he’s qualified enough…

While we may gain additional knowledge, applying it is the real key to success. It defines whether we really are educated or not.

Applying what we know is more than just going to school or knowing. It is here that we are able to practice what we have learned, learn more from the experience, and share it. It is not a tool for bragging, belittling, and bullying.

Knowledge is Power, but application gives it more significance.

… and any person who knows this acknowledges the fact that being educated is all about exemplifying grace, being thankful, being helpful, and being more patient and understanding — for we know that no matter how “educated” we get, there will always be the fact that “we all started with knowing nothing” …


2 thoughts on “Theory and Practice

  1. I wrote an essay in a writing class about how when college admission offices decide whether a student should be admitted or not, they should include creativity in their deciding factor list. totally agree with what you said. by the way, found you on twitter, thanks for the follow.

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