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Waiting for God’s Best…

While the world may doubt that you exist
Know that I am confident God made you my bliss
You are real than any man I once longed to kiss
And I look forward to give you the first from my lips…

The love God made
that knows no shame
For it is heaven made
all the cherubim sings in praise
the same way our hearts are raised…

I saw this two nights ago while I was scanning my journal. It felt so right to share this.

I wrote it last November 28, 2012… I believe this was after I saw a movie shared by a friend about a girl who reserved herself for God’s best man.

She never had a boyfriend,
She never allowed herself to be kissed even after a date

and she held on to her father’s guidance which was strengthen by their prayers…

It was one of the most inspiring stories reminding people that if we hold on to God’s words, and submit ourselves to His guidance, surely great things will come our way.

May this poem remind every young lady that we are responsible for ourselves: our actions and how we respond to everything that surrounds us. God gave us the authority over our thoughts, bodies, and even sin. As we hold strongly to God for guidance, surely we can wait patiently and faithfully for His best man and for every better things in store.


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