I am Able because God Enables


August is definitely one of the most stressful months I’ve had; but it is also here where I finally see things we’ve worked so hard in the past finally taking shape

I know there are people who see me either as too busy on extra-curricular stuff or too busy with my work; and if they see a picture of me at the beach or at the mall I’m pretty sure they’ll think I’m too freaking busy spending time with friends. Honestly people will always have something to say behind your back whether what you do is good or not. But at the end, what matters is that you “do” what is necessary because you are “able”…


I once met a certain post in Facebook which says: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.  There is sound truth to this of course. You’re not the only one who can is capable of doing a certain task and surely they can do better. My family even lectured this to me; even friends. Trust me when I say I appreciate every reminder and touched by those who continue to teach me how to say “no”…

Jen, they need to understand you have work too…

Jen you also need to rest

Jen never forget to dedicate your Sunday for the Lord

There are so many reminders that I end up confused at times; moments when I feel stressed because of these. But I am still able to pull it off, and one way is by how I put these reminders together. 

God never fails to place people at the right moment either to receive His message or send His message. This can happen directly or indirectly. I sometimes find myself surprised by how something that started chaotic can fall into place. The same goes for every activities (planned or not) that I find me in.

When Worship Happens

While I may have said “yes” to a lot of things there were times I said “no”—because I’ve already said “yes” to something else. But in all these occasions I see lessons given to me or me giving it to someone. Even if there are those who don’t agree with what I do, what matters is I am able to say “yes” because I know I can do it; “yes” because I have faith; “yes” because I am blessed to be a blessing. I am able to say “yes” because God enables me to accomplish it.

True worship happens when

You go out into the world to face the unknown

When you seek God rather than experience Him

When you offer to Him all that you do and have

Remember, as much as God is able to open doors for you, He can also close those leading to events where you are needed less. I even with all the stress I am experiencing I know it is all worth it. At least it’s caused by doing something instead of nothing. Just do what you got to do and let God lead you where you are needed most.


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