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Un-Toxicating Monday Part Two: Solutions Starts from the Inside

Photography by Diane Frejas
Photography by Diane Frejas

My title says it all. Yes, this is part two of my post from yesterday, September 2: the Day-Off Discoveries; and this talk about one of the item I shared yesterday:

I saw how people can be so fixated with the troubles they hear, read, and watch that the solution they can think of to stop it is more trouble – solving from the outside to the inside instead of inside-out.

Too Much Soaked on News

I first stopped by the bank yesterday before heading to my buddies-day-off-date. As I went in, I found a woman expressing her sentiments of how a former local government official is being bashed via a radio program by the opponent that won last May election.  She went on telling everyone (fortunately there were only the bank employees and me) that instead of criticizing the program should just discuss the pork barrel issue instead.

Why pork barrel?

Weeks ago, more than a million Filipino expressed their sentiments against the pork barrel. In addition, the person behind the scandal has already surrendered. Since then, I can only see memes on Facebook and everyone went on with their lives. One of my friend’s post even said “The world talks about the possibility of war. The Nation talks about Napoles. I am here working at the office.”

It’s a national issue but there are issues here in the province radio stations can discuss about too, especially if it will bring Sorsogueños together for a solution. There are also good news in the province to go by…that would help everyone keep up with good work regardless if they are street sweepers or panaderos.

Turn It Off

Other than her topic suggestion, another statement caught my attention. This one by one of the bank employees: “Why don’t they just stop listening to each other’s programs since they have their own?”

Before the election, another radio station was endlessly bashing the now-seated-official. I remember wanting to turn off the radio; but alas it’s not mine to turn-off. When the bank employee said that, all the memories of the radio announcer’s comments came flooding back. It was bashing to the point that as a listener I find the program biased and irritating. It was so obvious how it took sides—a characteristic which seemed unfit for public service.

The bank employee has a point. It was clearly “playing catch”. If you don’t catch the ball you have nothing to throw, the same way as throwing it first.

Discussing a national issue is not the best solution as well. If you soak yourself to too much media you’ll think the way they want you to think – too preoccupied by the world’s problem that the real solution is far beyond reach. You can’t solve a small problem by discussing a bigger problem.

Each of us plays a small role on this drama called life. If you want the whole show to end up well, start by yours right, even if you’re just appearing in one scene.

Turn off the distractions

Focus on the role

Memorize your lines

Work with the rest of the production


The real solution starts from within. It is a choice to change. It is a discipline to be better. It’s you mastering how to turn away from the useless stuff and focusing on what matters most: one baby step at a time.


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