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Here’s How I Write My Future: My Sudden Burst of Words at Past Midnight

I call this affirmation… or an epiphany…

I am sleepy but these words came to me after watching the movie “As Cool As I Am”. At the end of the movie she said “Here’s how I think my bigger life will look…”,and from there I suddenly can’t stop typing my bigger life!

Here’s how I write my future…even if I am turning 30 in a few more weeks…

I am a known blogger.
I wrote a book based on my posts like Regina Brett’s God Never Blinks and Be a Miracle.
I travel a lot.
I have a craft store business.
I had a beach wedding with only me and my husband’s family, together with a few friends (say five friend since we just like to keep it intimate, simple, and unlike the traditional entourage and stuff).

We have kids. Our eldest is a beautiful boy with curly hair–sort of wavy like mine when I was a little girl.
He’s got my charms and his dad’s looks 😉
and we have a little girl after that
Now, she’s a daddy’s girl
she loves to hug her dad… and pretends to be a fairy princess.
she’s got my looks, but with her dad’s eyes and his curious stares.
Her dad loves her, her big brother’s protective of her, I simply adore her.
She’s very inquisitive…very bright!
While her brother’s very quite. He just loves to play games and read.
He’s very creative.

My husband’s a great guy. He’s strict with his kids but lenient.
He likes to play with them.
He likes to chat with me.
we’re both into our family and our careers.
we’re both organized.
we love books.
we love movies.
we love travels.
we take adventures together.
He’s simply wonderful…

He may not be perfect but he’s kind and honest and talented. He never brags about those though.
I do brag about those things about him. He loves God more than me.

Every night before going to bed we would wind up on the couch with a good book and talk about it;
sipping on hot choco, or coffee, or tea…
or stay at the back yard drinking beer or wine
or at the kitchen eating ice cream or pastry or left over pasta for midnight snack
Both of us soaked with our conversations on our work, our kids, and how beautiful we have become,
Together but growing individually. Not one of us too dependent on the other but working as one.

He guides me…I encourage him…

Of course there are fights but he usually stays quiet, I stay quiet, but we always have our devotion time with the Lord.
We always make sure to talk about our issues when we’re both calm — we are adults after all.

He simply makes me calm even when I am mad…

or maybe its because we’re grateful to have ended up with someone we can talk to about everything without the fear of being judged…

I’m just me…he’s just him…

That’s us….

That’s me…

Simple, Smart, Funny, Charming, Cool mom.

I love wearing sneakers, jeans, and tshirt for my kids during their games, or while waiting for my little girl on her ballet class or karate if she wants.

I love wearing a dress for my husband once in a while and be pretty even if I am just in jeans and shirt and sneakers.

I am this mom who loves to play video games with her little boy or her husband 😉

I am this mom who loves to paint with the kids…make a book with them… write for them.

Yes, it’s charming … and I know I can have this even if others don’t believe I can. Even if they think it’s impossible. Even if they think it’s too good to be true…

But yes, I’ve seen it happen. And this is my story. My future…

This is me now…

I may be weeks away from becoming 30 but I’m going to be that mom, wife, entrepreneur…. 😀

Because I am creative, I am talented, I know I’m pretty cool!

I am weird and that’s not a problem…actually it’s great!

GOD fearfully and wonderfully made me… I may have my disability but I am not limited.

This future is NOW!

And God is working on it! ^_^


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