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The Itch to Share Jireh Lim’s Song and How Most Long Distance Relationships Work

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Image taken from True Love Facebook Page

I was supposed to post my part three of Un-Toxicating Monday, but I had an itch to share this song after seeing my cousin’s post of it show up on my newsfeed. The song is Jireh Lim’s Makabilang Mundo.

This song has been playing here in the Philippines for month’s now. It’s cool but it got me just earlier when I played the YouTube video shared by my cousin. The first thing on my mind was “long distance relationships”…

It’s a song about a guy expressing his love for a girl who is on the other side of the world. In the song, the guy declared that the no matter how apart they are, she will still be the one for him; and that no matter what happens, in time they will meet again.

Some may call this song cheesy but it speaks of what makes many long distance relationship works –true love.

Love makes us faithful

To the promise that everything will be okay

No matter how difficult the situation is

No matter how the present says it’s impossible

 I have heard stories of failed relationships because of distance. There are even those who are fearful of taking a chance with someone for the same reason. But a faithful heart will always stay true to his or her beloved no matter how many miles they are apart…because they left it all in God’s hands.

God can only make the impossible possible….

I have seen it work on friends and relatives…and it’s so beautiful…

Here’s a video sharing Jireh Lim’s song Magkabilang Mundo together with the lyrics…
…and below the video is my attempt to translate it in English – making it possible for all my readers to understand (although I didn’t translate it line per line — but verse by verse).

Enjoy! 😉

Note:  These are the lyrics and it’s translation… I tried my best…bear with me…

“Magkabilang Mundo”

Magkalayong agwat
Gagawin ang lahat
Mapasa’yo lang ang
Pag-ibig na alay sa’yo

  • We may be far apart but I will do everything I can just for you to have the love I offer

Ang awit na to ay awit ko sa’yo

Sana ay madama
Magkabila man ang ating mundo

  • This is my song for you, hoping you would feel (my love) even if we’re from both ends of the world.

[Verse 2:]

Kahit nasan ka man
Hindi ka papalitan
Nag iisa ka lang 
Kahit na langit ka at lupa ako

  • Wherever you are, you are still the one, even if we are worlds apart

Ang bituin ay aking dadamhin
Pag naiisip ka sabay kayong

  • Whenever you are in my thoughts, I see you twinkle along with the stars.


Dito ay umaga at dyan ay gabi
Ang oras natin ay magkasalungat
Ang aking hapunan ay
Iyong umagahan

  • My morning is your night for our time doesn’t meet

Ngunit kahit na anong mangyari
Balang araw ay makakapiling ka

  • But no matter what happens, one day we will be together

[Verse 3:]

Hihintayin kita 
Kahit nasan kapa
Di ako mawawala
Kahit na may dumating pa

  • I will wait for you no matter where you are. I will always be here even if someone comes along

Andito lang ako iibig
Saiyo hangga’t nandyan ka pa
Hangga’t wala ka pang iba

  • I am just here loving you, as long as you exist…as long as you have no one else… 

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