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The In-the-Middle-of-My-Work Writing: I Needed to Rest So I Placed God First

At the time of this writing, I am working on a writing task which I should have passed yesterday. However,after lacking sleep due to trying to catch up with my net connection’s speed, plus the electric cooperative’s habits of turning our electricity as if they’re manual Christmas lights, and the need to keep up with my tasks, stress got a hold of me.

This is me, doing something out of the usual because I’m really tired.

…and because I am placing everything on the Lord’s hands.

I place my confidence in Him who is most high.
Him who knows my future.
Him who allowed me to be where I am now.
Him who has blessed me.
Him who does things that are best for me.

Him with the grace that leads me to rest…to restore my strength…to move on and fight a good fight.

All I can do is be thankful for whatever it is that I! family! friends! and a decision to just release everything and rest for a while!

Everything I have now all came from Him.
Therefore why should I be afraid? I have gone a long way. My life is pretty much better compared to some people I know.

I shouldn’t worry.

I took a rest. I took a breath. I read a book. I prayed. I slept.

And now I am ready to work again…but first I testify my confidence in the Lord.

Whatever it is that my heart desires God will definitely provide! More than what I asked!


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