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30, Learning, and Growing: All About Preparing!


In her September 27 post about saying Yes in every season, Rica Paralejo-Bonifacio said “I see no accidents but all a wonderful master plan of the Lord for my life.”
True, there are no accidents the same as there are no misfortunes but lessons, and no defeat without greater victory.

I wish to say “yes” in this season I am in. I can only say “Yes” to where the Lord takes me, especially now that I am 30.

A few years ago, I was worried I wouldn’t get any stable job before I am 30. I prayed for it, hoped for it. After I resigned from work, I found myself stressing myself with lack of sleep to accomplish my freelance gigs. There was also me and a friend managing a team of writers who, I have to admit, was harder than any job I handled. It was okay, so I told myself, I was helping… but was I helping myself as well in the process?

I quit that job with a prayer that in due time I will have that opportunity again: to help and harness a skill of someone who is so into writing. To lead and create leaders. To help someone finish her studies with the pay she earns from home, or at least help some home base mom earn extra to help with expenses or for her kid’s future. I must admit that during those times, quantity in articles were more required that quality which makes it even more stressful with lack of sleep and even unhealthy eating habits to keep up. Take note, those came with very low pay per article (it depends on the client). So in the end, there I was quitting another project and hoping that something better comes along — something that may let me learn what I need to learn and give me time to also grow as a person.

Three years later: here I am…A girl with a stable job, an understanding boss, and the skill-set that keeps growing. The best part of it was the character building I get from Him especially as the years revealed God’s calling to be of service to him.

God is my boss, first and foremost. What seems to be a challenge back then became a surprise easy way to what I hoped for and more.

And now I am trying to hold on to dear faith for something…

One which I longed for long ago in life…. but I dare not weaken in this moment of waiting.

I ask for God to protect my heart as I prepare…
for God to see my way is clear and to make way when there seems to be none
to make sure no one gets hurt but only love and happiness appears
that all is well…all magnificently well…

I put my trust in the Lord, Him who, time and again, ensures my well being
Him who made sure my heart was saved from a love felt by an immature me
Him who equipped me with the right tools to fight negativity
to rise again, move on, and realize the best things He planned deserves to meet the best me.

I can only prepare for everything He sets in my life.
Help change my heart and clear my sights
Be more efficient and effective in all that I do
For the future He prepares me to handle through and through.

I can only focus my sights on Him and say YES to everything He hands me now!

I am not always strong but with God nothing is impossible. And this is one of those times I am thankful He is there for me. To clear my mind of trouble, to see peace, and to give it to those who needs it most.

There are so many things I can be thankful for as I prepare… for God’s best!

The same way He made my 30th year on this earth more blessed than I could ever imagine!

Cheers to lessons, to learning, and to brighter tomorrows!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall make your path straight

~ Proverbs 3:5-6


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