This was a post I did last Tuesday, November 13, as a  way of helping Yolanda Victims especially after learning the news of a hijacked relief truck that was supposed to be on its way to provide help. Please, let’s focus on fighting for a cause centered on God and not of our selfish beliefs.

“Father, just as You are in me, and I am in You” – John 17:21


Help! This is the best time to lend a hand. If you haven’t seen the news regarding the devastation Typhoon Yolanda left (that is if you’re from abroad) then you might want to check it out on the internet.

It’s the most grief stricken sight especially as death toll rises.

Whether you’re a Filipino or not we humbly ask for help. This is not the time to focus on the Napoles case, nor the time to blame or tell people they deserve it (which I have no idea why there are those who keep on saying these things). This isn’t even the time to post selfies (even if you’re there in the relief operation – focus on helping not on taking pictures of yourself).

I encourage everyone to post updates and even means where those who wish to help can help. It can be the schedules for volunteering in preparing the relief goods, updating whether the donated goods has reached its destination, or the accounts where people can donate. I encourage everyone to even post a prayer and an encouragement (even for the volunteers), with faith that God is with us and is doing something great in the background. I encourage everyone to donate something or make a fund raiser to help the victims.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small we can give. What matters is having the heart to serve.

Let’s make a step to help. While every day is indeed a best time to do it, this moment gives us the greatest opportunity to give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings we have received by sharing even the little we have…

…And whether you are volunteering or not please report any acts that hinder relief goods and other aid from being delivered to our brothers and sisters in Yolanda stricken vicinities. Let’s do our part to help them rise from such a tragedy.

For those who wish to help, check out CRISIS VOLUNTEER PH in Facebook. They have updates on different relief operations here in the Philippines including the announcement for volunteers and the items most needed in the devastated areas.

Below are also a certain posts I got from Facebook especially means you can help out:

From Shayla Ortiz

We are challenging those concerned citizens to help our brethren affected and devastated by the super typhoon in the northern part of Cebu. They need food, water, things for hygiene (bath soap, toothbrush, laundry soap, etc.) We also accept cash donations.

If you would like to donate in cash, you can deposit it through account name: Jonathan Navacilla through the following banks:

BPI : 4749085652

Metrobank: 2463246193631.

Relief good can be delivered to:

Blessed Hope Christian Fellowship

E88, Univille, Kasambagan, Cebu City, Philippines, 6000


From New Life





At present, help has come from different corners of the world. It is truly heartwarming to read the news of how people from different nations, races, and religion has so selflessly reached out — whether they are famous or not. Other than giving old clothes, food, water, and money, let’s also give the assurance that each help was able to reach their destinations and not on corrupt hands. As said in this post “this is the best time to lend a hand”….and also a best time to unite…

God bless us all!


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