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God is Your Truest Friend

My Testimony in Live Your Life for God…
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To God be all the Glory!

Live Your Life for God

I wish to start this morning by sharing a realization last night.

Someone emailed this to me last night (another negative moment for me honestly). In her email she shared You never really know the true quality of someone’s character, until the road gets rocky. Loyalty is essential and it is hard to find. I’d rather be friends with few than to make friends with many where I can find myself drowning with their pretentious smile and comfort.”

Now, this has been believed by the world for such a long time…a basis on who your true friends are.

After this email there was indeed a moment of weakness especially as a thought started haunting me: Am I being used again?

 Yes, I started to doubt even the kindness showed to me by people. After all the person who emailed this was family while my friends – they were…

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