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Waiting… (Part 2)

I am the one who dances through your dreams

Even before my legs can carry me.

And in my heart lies a song of friendship

Like how you gave it to Christ Jesus.

To love Him best is what makes you the best man

For it is by faith that you and I have met.

Once in a dream, once in a season of singing and praising,

Once when our hearts  were blessed with a love that’s always giving.

Truly you do exist,

And I thank God the Father for making you my bliss…

I wrote this poem last October 13, 2013; and just like the first part of Waiting, I found this poem in tucked in my old journal where all my conversation with God is kept.

I’m still pretty single and I wish to focus on God first; but just like every other fact that God never leaves a prayer unanswered I wish to share this poem. May it inspire and help ladies who are in their season of singleness be reminded that they can only put it in God’s hands and make use of the time they are in the waiting. For whether a person is blessed with a relationship or of single blessedness what matters is the fact that God’s way is always blessed and we all have the privilege of just enjoying the present and watching God work in our lives.

Read Part One of this poem here


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