Accepting Someone Annoying: You can’t Really Hate. You can Only Love


We all have that someone getting into our nerves. Every post, every action, almost everything that person does affects us. You just have that feeling of wanting to hang the person upside down for it.

But what if this person is not even directly related to you?

Someone who just happens to be related to a friend?

As weird as it may sound, yes, that happens; and as much as we wish to deny the person access into our life—not even thought of the person – we can’t. But here’s the thing: you can’t bring yourself to hate this person and surprisingly you can learn to love him instead.



Even if that person is not really a friend of yours, you can accept him by loving him the same way you love your friend. No matter what you do, even if this person seems like a nuisance in your friend’s life, you can’t deny the fact that he plays an important part.

That person is a part of your friend’s makeshift that made him into the person he is now.

True they are annoying but it’s their being that contributed to your friend’s growth. A friend that blesses you with their time, provides countless advises, loves you, and accepts you. You see, all you have to do is ACCEPT who they are, the same way you ACCEPT your friend fully…and pray they can change their ways.

You can’t really hate, even if you claim a person annoys you…

You can only love…


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