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Dancing Hands

Saying YES to God!
Saying YES to God!


Last April 22, 2014, I had the honor to participate in the Night of Worship event presented by Sorsogon Temple Mount. It was a night of prayer and worship and definite fun with the Lord. And as blessed as the event was, so was the experience I had when I was up on stage to perform something I never thought I’d do – hand-miming.

The first time I saw a hand mime presentation was almost five years ago at Jardin de Maria. It was performed by the young ladies housed in their temporary shelter (whom I tutored almost every day). It was totally cool! I was in awe by how their young girls timed the music and formed images and words using their hands. Of course, since their faces were not seen, I thought it was easy for them especially since they don’t have to worry about stage fright. Only their hands were seen thanks to their white gloves and black light! But boy was I in for a surprise when I had my shot.

Last April 2, the supposed-to-be first day of our Firm 2 classes (bible school classes), I was enlisted to be part of our church’s hand-mimers. I usually don’t join these events due my work and the time it was usually held; but after being encouraged by Ptr. Gil, Ptra. Emy, and Kath, I did.

At first, I wasn’t thrilled. It was my first time and I prefer to watch this type of presentation rather than perform it. But I know I had to. The hand-mime presentation was, after all, requested by the pastors who are part of the event. More than this was the realization that if I don’t do this, and put my whole self in it, God may not entrust me with what I was praying for at that time – to be part of the Tacloban Mission Team – or any responsibility at all.

I may not have been thrilled to be enlisted (I was hesitant to be exact) at first but now I’m glad I was. From the day the practice started till we went down from the stage after the presentation, I felt truly blessed. I had fun! More than that, I felt God’s grace during the whole event. I really can’t explain in detail how it felt that time. During practice I made a few mistakes that my constant prayer during the event was for God to guide my hands. I was pretty confident with the youth I was with. They’ve done it before and they were the one’s teaching me during practice. I don’t want to humiliate them. It was a team effort and I don’t want to fail them. But that night, as we sat and did our performance, I felt His presence. My hands – our hands – seemed to be on autopilot. The moment we spelled “JESUS” and heard the crowd cheered, I knew all is well.

The whole hand mime experience was humbling and cool! Just when I thought the young girls of Jardin De Maria had it easy, there I was, years later, praying not to misplace my hands. It might have been nerve-wrecking but experiencing Him use to me to bless others through that performance was truly amazing. I would definitely say “yes” again.

Here are some of the pictures taken during our performance. Special thanks to Ms. Irma Alindogan Guhit for letting me use these photos ^_^


handmime8 #NOW

handmime7 #NOW

handmime6 #NOW

handmime5 #NOW

handmime4 #NOW

handmime3 #NOW handmime2 #NOW handmime1 #NOW


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