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It Is All About Saying Yes!



How would you respond to a situation where you find yourself being stripped of the thing you prayed for just when everything seemed to be all set?

During a retreat I had with friends last May 25 to 26, I felt the Holy Spirit reveal my new season. Things I have prayed for that time were answered and during those days I had already said “yes” to the Tacloban Mission Trip. Weeks before the trip, I almost didn’t say yes after finding the retreat schedule in conflict with the church’s trip to Tacloban. A week later, the retreat was rescheduled and so was the Tacloban trip which I took it as a sign of God’s favoring my prayer… I really want to go and be part of the mission but I don’t want to miss the retreat too.

With everything rescheduled, plus the provision for my trip (financial) all met, everything for me was set. The retreat even revealed of this new season which made me realize He was just waiting for me to say YES to His plans for me. Indeed, all those months of working at home and self-Bible study were not enough. I have settled to only ministering via FB or text messaging. And while the Night Of Worship event was me saying YES, I still have reservations I need to get rid of.

As I came home from the retreat that Monday, May 26, I felt the stress of finishing my tasks fast to prepare for the trip which was rescheduled on May 29. I already set aside the money I was to use for the trip, saved some clothes to pack, and asked for a leave from work. It seemed everything was confirming my trip; but, God has other plans…

While everything may have been set, on the day before our trip, I found myself reading a text message from church saying their regret to inform me I was one of those who were to stay behind. There was a problem with the vehicle we were to use and the team was left with one van which can only accommodate six persons.

I won’t deny the fact that there was a part of me that felt bad. After all, everything was set. However, there was also a feeling of relief, as if my body was able to breathe. To be more specific, as I reread the message God revealed something to me: “This is the perfect opportunity to show what saying YES is all about.”

I suddenly remembered what I told my friend during the night of the retreat about waiting for the right time to serve God. I also found myself remembering the clear morning sky at the beach the next day, and even the walk I had going to Paguriran Island even if I was on my own. It really is about saying YES to Him. What a perfect example indeed

I said YES to God that morning before the Tacloban trip. Yes to staying behind. Yes to helping someone and my family. Yes to going back to work. Yes to resting. Yes to the better plans God has for me. I felt the confirmation of the new season He promised me. I was no longer the girl who would sulk in self-pity. I was no longer the girl who would need someone’s attention to feel that she is loved. I was no longer the girl who would question God. All I can say during that morning was “Thank You”.

My best days are indeed ahead of me. I may not have gone, but God knows the other YES which made me still a part of the Tacloban mission… I still became part of the trip even if I stayed behind (another mission He asked from me). What’s important was I took the opportunity to serve Him by saying YES to the trip, even with all the hindrances before I agreed to it.

Right now I look forward to God’s promise. I know a new season has indeed arrived. I have gone a long way even if it’s been only two years since I became a Christian. The old me has indeed passed away and a new me has risen. I am no longer a girl but a woman. I may not be perfect but I am more aware of the potential God has bestowed on me to succeed!

I may still have a lot of things to learn, but I know this is the season where God’s presence is felt more – shaping me to be wiser and patient for the role I am to fulfill for His glory. This is indeed a time to reflect and learn and say YES to His guidance.

I am excited for the days ahead!


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