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Loving The Lowes! How this Bachelor Couple Did More than Just Get Married

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Sean and Catherine Lowe’s wedding, officiated by Sean’s father (Credits to

I haven’t seen the recent The Bachelor and The Bachelorette seasons, but when I saw the wedding picture of the Lowes I instantly got curious about them—and guess where my curiosity led me….

Earlier, in the middle of researching and reviewing my outputs (another late night work-mode for me), I stumbled upon an article by E! Online entitled BACHELOR & BACHELORETTE STATUS CHECK: FIND OUT WHO’S STILL TOGETHER! The Lowes was the first couple to be featured with the caption “They did it!”

From Sean Lowe's Instagram
From Sean Lowe’s Instagram

As I browse through the pictures of the Bachelor and Bachelorette couples, I noticed there were only a few who ended their season engaged and actually got married (and remained married). The Lowes are the newest addition to this few success stories from the said reality dating program and is presently dubbed as America’s favorite The Bachelor couple.

For a reality dating show like The Bachelor, you can really expect that not all couples who got engaged when their season ended will stay that way. After all, the show is about a guy dating and choosing over a group of women. For this couple, however, they did more than just get married – they abstained from sex—a feat which is rare these days. After checking out their Twitter accounts and after reading other articles about them, I finally understood how they were able to abstain and how they fell more in love with each other months before they got married. They were both committed to Christ!

 (Read Catherine’s baptism here:

Commitment to Love

Reading about the Lowes reminded me of a discussion by Ptr. Peter Tan-Chi about Choosing God’s Best. There was a moment where he shared about how commitment turns to love. This of course is not just about marriage but rather about how we should always stay committed to God and the best He can offer.

The company Catherine Lowe is presently a partner
The company Catherine Lowe is presently a partner

A lot of us have believed that we need to commit more on what we love. This seems easier than to commit first before loving. How do we do it?

Committing is more an act of faith. If we check word love and how people define it these days, we see how it is often associated with feelings. To commit to what we love means to do something that will make us happy. But what we forget is feelings come and go. We’re happy today and crying the next. If this was the case, does that mean we let go of our commitment to something when it’s not making us happy? When we feel no love for it anymore?

Should you quit on your family when they’re stressing you out?

Should you quit on your job when your task seems too much?

Should you quit on your marriage because you and your spouse are fighting?

It is so easy to quit when things seems to be going against you; but committing isn’t like that. It is staying and fighting and making things work through thick and thin. It is moving on even if the future seems uncertain. It is holding on to faith that no matter how bad circumstances are something good is bound to happen. Committing is giving your whole self to God’s plans rather than your own desires. It may not be like what we wanted, or what we believe will make us happy, but we can be certain it will make us happier.

When you commit to something or someone, it’s not always going to be comfortable. But if we commit to love instead of love to commit, it is us surrendering our will to God’s best even before we knew what or who it is. It is appreciating what we have now that we are able to use it well and stay true to God’s grace; it is confidence that even if the world may see you differently today, you know your commitment to God’s best will eventually give you true happiness—one that gives you peace of mind and contentment.

Remember, love is not a feeling. It doesn’t let us commit to chasing nor rushing things we believe will make us happy and content. Love itself is happiness. It is the assurance of our completion in Christ that we are able to rejoice now and commit to loving and serving others. It is knowing that all our needs will be provided for by God who loved us first.

It’s rare to find couples who decide on staying pure before marriage. The Lowes’ decision even left Jimmy Kimmel amazed when they were interviewed. But as they commit themselves to Jesus, and the path to His righteousness, they were able to succeed in their relationship and stay pure before marriage (after 17 Seasons of the Bachelor, they were the first to get married). The best part: with their celebrity status, they showed the world how commitment to God leads you to experiencing heaven here on earth. No guilt but pure joy!

To God be all the glory!

Here’s Sean Lowe’s Testimony in I Am Second




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