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Ready for Delivery

Be Thankful

Earlier, my aunt posted a comment on one of my Facebook post asking me for our home address. She told me she will be sending us a package and it was ready for delivery. I replied to her comment, thanking her for what she will be sending.  After sending her a personal message of the delivery address and my mobile number, I found myself on the page where our comments were. It occurred to me how me thanking her before the package is even delivered to us is similar to how prayers should be done.

During my first Firm Foundation classes (short bible school), I learned about prayer as a way to communicate to God. Other than this, it is a way to yield to God’s will instead of Him yielding to ours.

Most of us pray to ask for something that can help and even please us. However, there are times we become frustrated after not receiving immediately what we asked for. There are even times we doubt whether it will be given or not. This weakens our prayer life and leads us to stray away from God. It is because we expect too much of what we want instead of expecting something greater God has prepared to give us.

Like how my auntie told me about the package that was ready to be delivered, God also has graces all ready to be delivered to us even before we ask. He promised us an abundant life even before we were created (Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 58:11, John 10:10). He planned it and made sure we get it. And just like how my auntie asked for my address and told of the coming package, God will also tell us of an upcoming season and the graces in stored in it (Isaiah 43:19). That is why we should not be afraid of what is to come but rather be courageous for more blessings that abound in it (Joshua 1:9).

Prayer is all about thanksgiving. It is us yielding to God’s will, knowing that He has planned the best for us – and His best is on its way. So instead of asking God for things you want, start your prayer in thanksgiving with an expectant heart that blessings are coming your way.



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