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Package Received

Well, what better way to add another blog post after months of not posting, than to tell you about the package (the one I said on my previous post) that finally came. Just as God promised to provide for our needs, the package came just in the nick of time – when we really need the goods in it most. And just like any answered prayer – even every blessing we received we didn’t even pray for – it came with the trust that we can use it well.

Ever since I was young, whenever we received a balikbayan box from our relatives in the States, it was always addressed to my mom. If not, it was addressed to who came home from abroad. I once did receive a package addressed to me, but that one was not as big as what was addressed to my parents or to my uncles and aunts. The package that just came in recently is in fact the first one with my name on it. But as I go back to the times we used to receive such a size, finally seeing my name on such a big package made me feel somewhat trustworthy. No, I’m not saying they didn’t trust me back then. I was young and there were adults who can handle it. This trust made me realize I was no longer that young girl who would sit with my mother checking what was in the box and sorting its contents out. I am already an adult and with that is the trust that I can handle what was addressed to me.

Picture1The goods in it should not be wasted but was to be used wisely. It was given with the trust that it will serve the purpose the giver intended for it. It was not mine alone. It may have been addressed to me but the contents were not mine alone. Having it on my name meant I was trusted to manage the contents – give it and use it accordingly.

Just like how God has graced us with talents, jobs, relationships, and our every breath, we must make sure to use these all wisely. It was given with a trust that we can manage and use it well. It was not given to be wasted away. Everything that He gave was out of His faith in our ability to be responsible. After all He created us, called us, and marked us as His own. He knows that we have the potential to manage what He gave and will give us…that we are good stewards.

Never waste the trust God gave you. Every delivered blessing is out of His faithfulness to us.


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