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Disappointed with God? Rejoice! You are Blessed!


You might be wondering what made me have that kind of title. It’s ironic actually, why would a person rejoice when he’s disappointed with God?

Well, it started last week while I sat grabbing a bite before heading to a team meeting in Legazpi. Whenever I am there I’d usually bring a book to kill the boredom as I eat (since I eat alone). I took with me a book I borrowed from my friend Edzel entitled “Disappointment with God” by Philip Yancey. As I read, I found a line where the author took note of a believer’s disappointment as not a sign of atheism but of being a believer.

Hours later, and after the meeting I attended, instead of going to the van terminal, I found myself meeting a friend even for less than an hour. Within that limited time, my friend shared her own struggle and how she seemed disappointed with the Lord. As she told me this I remembered the lines I read in the book. Then and there, as she continued, I saw how blessed she was despite the disappointment.

They say that the ones you love hurt you the most. While you can easily forget a stranger who spoke rudely to you, if it’s someone you love, you feel disappointed. You’ve spent time getting to know him, appreciating him, getting more intimate with him that even with the many good things he has done for us, you immediately become disappointed when he failed to deliver what you expect from him. But even with that you still love the person. That’s the good thing about disappointment. It is the proof that you love the person who exists in your life. It is the proof that you have a relationship with someone.

When you are disappointed with God, you are blessed. Like how you easily get disappointed with someone you love, getting disappointed with God is proof that you believe and have a relationship with Him. You are blessed because you have grown so intimate that you just want things to work out.

Disappointment is actually a struggle between what you are trying to accept and what you expect. When you start to feel this remind yourself how blessed you are you have that relationship and you believe. You know what exists and you have something to hold on to. You are blessed because you love and trust and you want to trust some more. You are blessed because you have something to reflect and something to learn to get rid of disappointment. So, if you are disappointed with God, rejoice! You are so blessed and better than others…!


2 thoughts on “Disappointed with God? Rejoice! You are Blessed!

    1. To God be the glory! Happy to know that 🙂
      Glad I can share what He revealed to me last week, especially how He used me…

      May God bless your work more. Keep on inspiring and showing people who God is in your life 🙂

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