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Yolanda Anniversary: The Beautiful Reminders and the Challenge to Help Rebuild Lives

Light A Candle for Yolanda Anniversary | Photo grabbed from
Light A Candle for Yolanda Anniversary | Photo grabbed from

Last Saturday, November 8 2014, we all looked back on the year when Typhoon Yolanda (also known as Haiyan) came and left the Philippines shattered. While Tacloban was the province seen to be gravely affected, the whole nation shared its grief. But as we look back, let us focus more on the hope and beauty that rise from all the devastation.

When the World Came Together

When Yolanda struck the Philippines, the world came together to help. Regardless of race, religion, and status, everyone came together to help the best they could. There were prayers prayed for both the living and the departed. There were food shared and medicine delivered through seemingly impossible situations. There were schools and buildings rebuilt. There were friendships formed amidst the language barrier.

After one year since the devastation brought by the super typhoon, help continued….

(see story here:

Lighting lanterns before the anniversary | Photo grabbed from
Lighting lanterns before the anniversary | Photo grabbed from

When True Love Came

Who can ever forget the story of a Canadian who amidst the difficulties he must face came to the Philippines for his beloved. Houssam and Grace’s love story touched everyone. Here was a man who took the risk just to be there for the woman he loved. He cared for her and comforted her. After one year since they first met, they are now living happily.

They were more than a proof of true love. They proved that hardships are inevitable but can be overcome by love.

(see story here:

When Lessons were Taught

Of all the things we need to look back at, it would be the lessons taught when Yolanda came. How we reflected on respect, selflessness, generosity, and wisdom. This even inspired me to write a post about it.

(see post here:


The struggle is not yet over. Most of the victims haven’t moved on from the tragedy especially those who lost loved ones. Until now its victims need help.  It’s up to each and everyone of us to lend a hand either by our time to serve, our resources to share, or our prayer to bless. Are you ready still take on the challenge in helping rebuild lives?


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