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JESUS REIGNS in Sorsogon (Part 1): A Sneak Peek


Last November 30, Christians from 82 provinces in the Philippines gathered to raise the name of Jesus! And for us here in Sorsogon, it was the largest Christian event up to date!

A Grand Worship Celebration it is!!!
A Grand Worship Celebration it is!!!


Even with the rain, it didn’t stop the Christian community here in Sorsogon in raising Jesus’ name!

The day before the event, we were already experiencing heavy rains. I even came home wet from my afternoon and evening commitments. But God is AWESOME! The next day, He let us experience the sun’s rays… and even if the a few rain drops came in the afternoon, it stopped during the parade. It didn’t pour again until the program was almost at an end.

A declaration of who Jesus is in our lives!
Jesus Reigns over Pilar! Each of the 15 municipalities in Sorsogon proclaimed Jesus’ reign in their areas.

But even if the rain suddenly showered on everyone in the venue that night, it didn’t stop the praising…especially the youth! The worship team had to play another song until the rain finally mellowed down.

The stage|All set up for the evening event.
All is set for the parade!

Well, as much as I want to say more, I have to stop here for a while. I’ll tell you all more about it in the next part of this series… not to mention show you more photos from the event.

Jesus Reigns over Sorsogon City!
Jesus Reigns over Sorsogon City!

In the next post on Jesus Reigns in Sorsogon, I’ll be sharing with you revelations from the event, even the two  Christian gatherings held earlier this year.

Every Christian in Sorsogon gathered and gave their best to declare Jesus’ reign.

Jesus Reigns, for us here in Sorsogon, was the breakthrough…and it made us even more excited on the next events that will unite the body of Christ!

10523863_10203985987303032_6704694937459119161_n10429209_10203985982902922_4740331860242155327_n 10456066_10203985982102902_3264066930618224445_n 544952_10203985994423210_2481002320766240783_n10007523_10203985948742068_1035508028136246438_n 10404490_10203985950422110_7958680037586237856_n 10422129_10203985947822045_1631642049930320922_nThese are just some of the highlights taken from the event. I’ll be blogging more about it here and how this event for us was a BREAKTHROUGH — a fulfillment of a promise revealed to us for 2014 🙂



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