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Mobile Office: Relocation Ideas When the Internet Goes on a Sudden Vacay

I have faced this challenge before and honestly it is one of the most tiring ones I’ve dealt with: the days when my internet went on vacation – in other words: I lost my net connection.

At present, I have three reasons how I end up with days without net connection:

  • The typhoon Glenda where I had more than a month without a connection.
  • The net connection just happened to go in slow mode or no connection at all either due to the weather or for other reasons only my ISP can tell.
  • I got disconnected due to unpaid balances which keep on changing amount. This usually led me to decide on spending my money outside for net connection rather than settling the bill since we don’t get a bill at all and the amount they give is confusing…

In all these occurrences, and depending on the reason why my net is out and my task at hand, I have learned to also relocate my work station. There are moments when either I had to go out ASAP because of my net needs or when I can simply just contact my client or workmate regarding my situation (where I usually end up not going out at all).

I am thankful that in all these events, I see God’s hand at work. It was either I was able to do more Bible studying, pray, or simply relax. If I had to go out, I also saw how He had given me good friends were ready to help me out.

For those who are new to online work, I suggest you ensure yourself a back-up system (a laptop) to use. This will help you relocated when needed. For ideas where you can stay when your net or your electricity is out, here’s are some ideas from my own relocation ventures.

  • A friend with an internet connection.

During the months I had no net connection nor did electricity due to typhoon Glenda, a friend invited me to stay at their place (a good one hour drive from where I live). She got herself an LTE pocket Wi-Fi which aided us with our connection problems. A few friends also expressed their desire to help. Some also made suggestions we all work on the same location to also enjoy each other’s company (not just through chats).

Working at a friend’s place | Mobile shot by Diane Jordan Frejas

When electricity was restored at our place, I asked a friend if I can go to their place for connection since I had to wait for 2 weeks to get mine reconnected. Every day I went to their place for research and submit my outputs. During that time, my work entails me to do SEO writing with outputs to be submitted within 24 hours. The company would usually email the assignment by 10am. I’d be at my friend’s house before the said time, submit my output from yesterday’s assignment, and do research once I received the email. After that I’d go home except if there’s a need for me to talk to a client.

  • The Internet shop.

The internet shop is another place I usually go to whenever I lost my connection. This is the only time I don’t have to bring my laptop. However it is important for every online worker to choose a shop where their privacy and files are secured. Since this is a hangout of gamers too, it is more important you don’t get disturbed.

There is only one internet shop which I trust going to whenever I would lose my net connection. Like Café had always been a favorite. Other than the fact a friend owns it (which makes it easier for me to secure a station), my files are secured, the connection is faster, and even if there are gamers, I don’t have to worry over someone peeking through my monitor to check out what I’m doing.

Like Internet Cafe at Piot Sorsogon | Photo taken at their FB page.
Like Internet Cafe at Piot Sorsogon | Photo taken at their FB page.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to have a friend with a net shop. All you need is to find one where the net and your work can be secured and which is convenient for you. You can always tell the person in charge of the shop regarding your connection needs. A net shop in Legazpi gave that convenience. My friends and I are grateful to their staff for securing us with three computers during the time electricity and net was down in our locations after the typhoon Glenda.  They would always give us the same station during our one week work relocation at their shop.

The coffee shop or somewhere with a Wi-Fi.

I don’t live in Legazpi anymore so I don’t get this privilege except last Thursday when my net went on vacation again. Sorsogon finally has a coffee shop with a net connection and thankfully a spot where I can work and plug my laptop for charging.

cafe isabel
My temporary workstation last Thursday at Cafe Isabelle

I am grateful to the staff and manager of Café Isabelle for accommodating me the other day. It was one of my most convenient work station up to date (hehe). Other than the fact I enjoy a Banapple Hazelnut Cream, the connection was fast. Of course I had to stay there at a limited time to do some other errands and also to relocate again at another friend’s house.

These are just some of the places I go to whenever my net is down. Of course, there are instances when I would just stay at home. I would usually relocate when I need to edit my work ASAP or whenever I need to talk to clients and do research. I haven’t really found a good pocket Wi-Fi to use especially with the limited options here where I am although that would also be helpful.

In situations when you don’t have access to any of the options I just shared, remember this is one thing out of your control. Be confident God has this. Remember that your work is one of His gifts. All you have to do is make the most out of the time you can’t work — rest don’t stress! This will allow you to work more effectively with your body especially your mind charged.


4 thoughts on “Mobile Office: Relocation Ideas When the Internet Goes on a Sudden Vacay

  1. I feel you! Power and/or internet issues are among the challenges we, homebased workers, face (every single day!!). We always have to be ready, kaya siguro sa ibang bagay naapply na din natin. Lagi tayong may contingency plan, weheheh!

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