Muni Muni sa Umaga…

“Jesus, I surrender to You my hurts. Help me to let go of them and to hold on to Your promises. May this pain bring out Your purpose for me. Amen.”
I found this prayer sent through email as part of a devotional from Maymay Salvosa… more than this prayer I found me relating to it… oo masakit maglet go and magmove on na hindi naman kayo but I praise God how He showed me considering someone who doesn’t have the same mission and vision despite his Godliness and having a missionary heart doesn’t glorify Him to the fullest — and that is more painful…
I am surprised by how God’s faithfulness saved me when He asked me to stop considering that guy to commit full time to the mission He wants me to pursue. I am not saying wala ng pag-asa makapangasawa pa ako. But as months progressed since I finally took that leap of faith and decided to apply for a missionary life, I realized He has my heart and has locked it deep into His, in the care of someone whom He blessed to be my mate…
A man with the same mission and vision
a man who is both Godly and with a missionary heart
A man who will lead me closer to God as we fulfill His desires for us…
and while at present I face the struggles of being afraid to fall again, He comforts and assures me that no matter what He will never make my heart love someone more than how He wants me to love him. If I am to face pain again because of loving, then let it be for His purpose and not mine…
The waiting time is a gift I praise God for. He made sure I had time to grow, to pray and prepare for what’s ahead. I know I will marry a great man for God is with Him… I just have to guard my heart more and focus on my Heavenly Father whose love is the reason why I love…

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