Welcome to PMU!

PMU (or Possibly Maybe Unexpectedly) has gone a long way since it started, and honestly I never thought it would be my longest existing blog. I thank God for the grace of helping PMU blossom and grow more…and for this I dedicate it all for His glory!

The Beginning


The blog started back in November 2009 for search engine optimization means. As a web content writer, it had become a platform to learn optimization; this, of course, involved me writing anything under the sun as long as it contained the keywords me and my team mates back then were working on. After two years, PMU has taken a different turn — especially as I grow in my Christian life.

Blessed to be a Blessing

If you had a chance to read even my earlier posts in PMU’s blogger account, you would find some articles a bit on a sadder note. Some posts (as I read it again) were depressing while some are “okay”. Of course, not all of it were in that low. I also shared some joyful ones too.

When I decided to start anew with PMU, I wanted to delete it. Fortunately I have a friend who once shared with me it is better for my readers (if I do have any) to see the growth this blog has gone through including me as its blogger; and so I kept it and just made a few tweaks from the layout and down to the post I share.


I am not saying I am a “positive” person now. I still have the “gloom” from time to time. It’s not easy but at least I know I am not alone. The blogger account of PMU has helped me battle it, especially as I share “wise words” from different authors on my Facebook timeline and this blog’s fan page. Then I decided to really start anew without deleting my blogger account but by creating a WordPress account of PMU instead.

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God continuous to be gracious more than I can imagine. I started the WordPress Account of PMU back in 2012 — and I was a new Christian back then.  As I came back to blogging, and posting thoughts I hope were inspiring enough, God even gave me different opportunities that further enhanced my skills and my audience reach.  This made me more excited to share stories even from events in my life which people may have considered mundane in their own lives.

Sharing something BIGGER!

There is a YES to every season; and this blog is my YES to God.

saying yesI pray my posts would inspire and touch people’s hearts for His glory. I pray His wisdom is what shines and how He has shaped my life.

Every day may have challenges but God’s grace is sufficient.

This blog shows more than my thoughts but my journey as a Christian, as a daughter, as a friend…as Christ’s follower. I may not be as Godly compared to other followers like me but I should not let that hinder me to share His love and how it continuous to bless me. After all no amount of work is enough to please God. What really pleases Him is Christ’s work in us! How He shapes us, teach us, and guide us to best person God created us to be.

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10404490_10203985950422110_7958680037586237856_n  VISION BOARD I AM...

I believe to write and to share my walk with Christ is my calling. I may not always post something biblical yet I do pray you would all see how God continuous to work on me and realize how He can work greatly on you.

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With this YES, I also invite everyone to read another blog where I write: Live Your Life For God. This is dedicated to God’s glory as we share how God continues to touch our lives. You can visit the blog by clicking on the “Devotional” tab on my home page. 😉

      Cheers to everyone and God bless!