It’s a Revolution! A Revolution for Jesus Christ!

Drug addiction, premarital sex, abortion, suicide, and more. These are just some of the cases today’s youth are facing. Yearly we are faced by countless crimes involving them especially with the violence they see and here from the internet and social media. With this truth lies the worry of many regarding our society’s future. If… Continue reading It’s a Revolution! A Revolution for Jesus Christ!

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JESUS REIGNS in Sorsogon (Part 1): A Sneak Peek

Last November 30, Christians from 82 provinces in the Philippines gathered to raise the name of Jesus! And for us here in Sorsogon, it was the largest Christian event up to date!


You Are Worthy of Greatness

With the many troubles, we sometimes need to remind ourselves of the abundance God has planned for us to have. It can be hard especially if circumstances seem to oppose living life in abundance.