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Oh heaven sent,…

Oh heaven sent, you are love
From God above, beautiful and kind
Strong enough to pursue me
Wise enough to accept me
Oh greater love, blessing from above
The Love I found
the blessing abound
True love centered on God
I finally found

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30, Learning, and Growing: All About Preparing!

In her September 27 post about saying Yes in every season, Rica Paralejo-Bonifacio said “I see no accidents but all a wonderful master plan of the Lord for my life.” True, there are no accidents the same as there are no misfortunes but lessons, and no defeat without greater victory. I wish to say “yes”… Continue reading 30, Learning, and Growing: All About Preparing!

Poems and Quotes

No one’s perfect….

Worrying and continually being in a defensive mode is useless. No one is perfect and people will always have something to say. Remember to just appreciate yourself: learn from your mistakes and be a blessing… Be a better you day by day…